Saba Faisal Is Distant From Her Son And Daughter-In-Law

Saba Faisal

Saba Faisal, an actress, has announced her separated from her son Salman and daughter-in-law Neha. She declared last night on her Instagram account that she and her family are expelling Salman and his wife out of the family.

The actress stated that her daughter-in-law had caused her family problems for four years. She went on to say that she doesn’t want to divulge the details because she doesn’t want others to judge her. She also does not want to offer people a one-sided account, thus she will not comment further on the matter.

Saba Faisal stated that she is making the video solely to publicly denounce her ties with her son. Faisal went on to say that she will not push her son Salman to divorce his marriage; it is his decision. She also stated that if her son believes he will be more prosperous in his future life with his wife Neha, he is free to make that decision.

Here is the Video of Saba Faisal:

In her video, she referred to her daughter-in-law Neha as a “nasty person.” The actress further stated that people who have commented on Neha’s video should be aware that she is no longer linked with them. Saba Faisal noted that it is a difficult decision for her as a mother to cut relations with her son, but she is forced to do so. In her video, she states that she has never shared her family life in public before, but she is releasing the video to clarify.

The actress recently uploaded a video of herself shaking her leg with her daughter at a family occasion to the viral song ‘Mera Dil Ye Pukaray.’ She even posted a family photo on her Instagram. “ALHAMDULILLAH, blessed with the best family,” she captioned the photo.

The actress received encouragement from colleagues in the entertainment sector as well as followers on social media.

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