After Mosque Controversy, Saba Qamar’s ‘Qubool’ Is Getting All The Love On Its Release

saba qamar qubool release

Saba Qamar’s directorial debut in music Qubool has just hit the internet and receiving all the love from the masses on its release. The song is a treat to ears and the concept is beautifully visualized.

Sung by Bilal Saeed, the song is catchy and the endearing Punjabi lyrics definitely pulled at our heartstrings. Earlier, the teaser of the song created a lot of controversy for Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeedfor the song Qubool which is getting all the love on its release. The teaser had a dance sequence being shot at the Wazir Khan mosque in Lahore which created pubic outrage.

The minute the short video of the duo dancing in the mosque was made public. Qamar also made a TikTok video with Saeed inside the mosque. People questioned the mosque management why they allowed them inside the holy place like a mosque for a music video.

However, after a lot of debate and controversy, the makers have removed the Wazir Khan mosque sequence from the song. Qamar and Saeed have also apologized to the public for hurting their religious sentiments. They also said it was all misunderstanding and they didn’t play any music inside the mosque.

Now, as the song featuring Saba Qamar is getting all the praises on its release, it is all about falling in love, saying I do, and yet learning to agree to disagree for life with love. Whether you have been together a year, a decade, or a half-century, learn to love the differences.

Twitter is in love with the song ‘Qubool’ featuring Saba Qamar

Seems like fans have forgiven their favorite stars and enjoying the beautifully crafted song. The soulful number has made them forget their mistake and Twitter is buzzing with praises now.

On the other hand, the song Qubool featuring Saba Qamar before its release has also done enough damage to many people. The mosque authorities have been questioned and reportedly an action has also taken against few. Also, due to the controversy, it also ruined the big day of many.

Among those unfortunate people whose wedding got called off, one was Assistant Commissioner Lahore Mohammad Murtaza who always dreamt to get married at the historic mosque.


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