Ryan Gosling’s First Look As Ken From The Upcoming ‘Barbie’ Movie Leaves Fans Breathless

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Ryan Gosling makes a perfect Ken doll for Greta Gerwig’s much anticipated Barbie movie, which stars Australian actor Margot Robbie in the title role. Blonde hair, eight-pack abs, a sleeveless stone-washed denim jacket, and a sly dreamy smile. Just perfect.

If you remember the classic Barbie movies and books from the ‘80s, you would instantly recognize the look. Well yes, that’s how nostalgic and accurate Gosling’s first look as Ken is. Of course, it is a role he was born to play!

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He has bleached peroxide blonde hair, just like he did in The Place Beyond the Pines. His abs and arms are displayed, just like they were in Crazy, Stupid, Love. And he has a blank expression, just like he did in most of Blade Runner. Add to that his outfit – which, underwear aside, is entirely made of stonewash denim – and this may very well become his defining role.

It is no surprise that Gosling fans, cinephiles, and casual Twitter users are in a visceral state over his image, and for all the right reasons.

Here is his first look as Ken:

The first live-action feature movie about the iconic and controversial doll has been in development for quite some time, initially at Sony with Anne Hathaway and Amy Schumer circling the lead role before the project segued to Warner Bros.

Margot Robbie is playing the lead while also producing the Mattel film under her LuckyChap Entertainment production banner along with LuckyChap’s Tom Ackerley. Riding in a pink car across a pink driveway, Robbie’s first look, which was released last month, had her glowing in blonde hair and a blue bandana. 

Gosling’s image is the second official still from ‘Barbie’ to be released following a photo showing Robbie in Barbie’s pink convertible. Robbie, who plays Barbie, is instantly as Barbie-esque as you could imagine, all blond hair and smiles and a bright pink car. 

Have a look at her!

Image: Instagram

The sizable cast adds to the mystery of what the film could possibly be about. It also features Will Ferrell, Simu Liu, America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon, Michael Cera, and Issa Rae also starring. Gerwig and Noah Baumbach co-wrote the screenplay. The team has been tight-lipped about the plot of the story, but we’re expecting nothing typical from Gerwig, given her track record as director.

Alas, we now have a date to set our clocks to! 60 years after the iconic doll’s introduction, Barbie the film will hit the big screens on  July 21, 2023, the studio said today during its CinemaCon session in Las Vegas.

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