Wait, WHAT! Rumors Of Neelum Muneer Getting Engaged Are True After All?

neelum muneer engaged

Celebrities hardly seem to catch a break from gossip mongers. Actor Neelam Muneer has recently been rumored to be engaged. Is it true though?

The actor came into the limelight lately after returning to the big screen with her latest offering, Chakkar. Muneer, who was seen playing a double role in the Yasir Nawaz production, has piqued the audience’s interest in her personal life as well.

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It all began when a fan inquired whether Muneer was engaged. To this, Muneer sulkily responded with an emoji and thus, the rumors of the Wrong No 2 star’s linkup rumors began. 

Taking to Instagram, the Chupan Chupai star later clarified the rumors and shared that she is neither engaged nor married. “I am not engaged or getting married,” the actor shared. “All rumors are 100% wrong.”

Have a look at it:

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Shedding the light on the same, Muneer talked about it on a local show earlier. Talking about responding to a fan, she shared, “It was not a hint,” the actor asserted.

“I think the audience has a right to know [about my personal life],” she added. “They are always very interested in it. I’m also on an app, but not with my name, I comment a lot on others’ profiles. It was a fun banter. I am not engaged or married at all.”

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The actor also revealed that she does not mind marrying at the peak of her career. “I think it works out,” Muneer commented. “If it is bound to happen, it will happen. What truly matters to me is my family and their decisions. Even now, whenever I take up any project, I ask for their permission first. I’m very family-oriented.”

Muneer previously also talked about venturing into showbiz while belonging to a Pashtun family. “Being Pashtun, my sisters can’t even upload their photos on social media. We aren’t allowed to be in this profession that I am in either.”

“But somehow, I got the permission. I wanted to be a heroine since childhood,” she added. “To this day, I make sure that I stay within my limits, it is always better that way. And now my viewers can decide whether they think I have finally become a star.”

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