This Fruit Vendor In Islamabad Is Proving There’s Nothing A Woman Can’t Do

Fruit Vendor Islamabad Inspiration Women

The outspread of coronavirus has disrupted many lives around the world in a way that one can’t even imagine. Similar is the case with the underprivileged community of Pakistan these days, struggling hard to fulfill basic necessities.

From time to time, amazing examples of Pakistani women defying all odds and making their way up, circulate online. Previously, an MA-Pass woman who worked as a sweeper in Punjab secured a government job and garnered appreciation. This time, it’s a mother of three who is selling fruits to earn in Ramadan and is gathering attention and praises on social media.

A hardworking woman setting an example for many

Undoubtedly, such examples of hard work and diligence portray a motivating image for many other women who need help. As per Urdu News’ interview, Rubina Hashim is a resident of Islamabad and takes care of her kids by selling fruits. Previously, she used to sell ‘aloo paratha’ in Blue Area which is now down due to coronavirus and Ramadan.

Sharing her struggles, Rubina stated, ”Because of coronavirus, everything turned worse. We sat in the house for about a month. Now, the house rent is due, bills are due, the school fee of children is due and there was no work. Then, for financial stability, I took a loan form someone and started (selling fruits). Its been three years now that I’m working.”

Selling fruits and taking care of the family

Moving on, Rubina Hashim explained why she specifically chose to sell fruits and what happened to her prior business. ”Previously, I used to set up my stall and sell ‘aloo paratha’ in Blue Area (Islamabad). But now, with the arrival of the summer season plus Ramadan, no one eats it anymore. That is why I have set up this fruit stall”, she added.

Fruit Vendor Islamabad Inspiration Women

Source: Twitter

Further, she revealed, ”My husband left me and I have three kids. I’m just educating my children and running the expense of my house on my own. Every day, after Sehri at 4 am I leave fro mandi and reach there by 5 am. There, I buy goods for the day. Except for me, there are only men in the mandi but still, I do my shopping, every day. I bring in one box each so that it doesn’t go to waste.”

Covering the whole Blue Area and F10 Markaz

About her daily route, Rubina Hashim said, ”I begin from Blue Area and go all the way to F10 Markaz. Then, after roaming the whole area, I go back to the Blue Area. There, whatever sells is good otherwise I take the leftover fruits back home. Seeing me, several other women have started working. Other women can also work hard. Anyone can make an effort and everyone should do it.”

There’s not just one Rubina Hashim in Pakistan but many other women who are doing their level best for their families. Some time back, a Pakistani woman on a peacekeeping mission in Congo got huge praise from the United Nations (UN). Well, the world needs such powerful women no matter which capacity they work in and Pakistan is definitely blessed in this manner.

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