Rubina Ashraf’s Advice for a Successful Marriage

Rubina Ashraf Advice for a Successful Marriage

Rubina Ashraf, a renowned Pakistani television actor and director, recently shared valuable insights on achieving a successful marriage during her appearance on Ary Digital’s morning show, Good Morning Pakistan. Known for her iconic role in PTV drama serial Hazaro Raaste, Rubina Ashraf is currently co-hosting the show Kya Drama Hai.

Source: Ary Digital Good Morning Pakistan

Addressing newly married girls, Ashraf highlighted four crucial things to understand: “Her house, her in-laws, her husband, and her kids are her work.” She advised that during the first ten years of marriage, girls should invest their time and effort wisely. According to her, this investment would yield positive results.

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Ashraf also discussed parenting, expressing concern about the development of a superiority complex in children. She pointed out that excessive love, care, and attention can send the wrong signals, teaching kids to feel overly special. She suggested that parents should guide their children to be supportive in return, promoting a sense of responsibility. Ashraf stressed the importance of mutual understanding, as parents have met the physical and emotional needs of their children, and now it’s time for children to respond in kind.

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