“RTX Back In Stock”-GameStop New Chapter & New Hardware

In the aftermath of the pandemic hyped year, the business world’s scenario changed with some major profits and losses.

No one expected such changes in the stock market, whether it’s Bitcoin’s price rise or computer hardware’s prices touching the skyline.

Forget about the high pricing, the GPUs got out of stock in the market which makes the gamer more furious.

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Then what? It become impossible for any gamers to buy new RTX 30 series in such scenario. Since the Nvidia launched it, people immediately grabbed the RTX series and till now update fo restock.

But recently GameStop, the one who got memed for their decline in the stock market. The retailer stepped their foot into the world of Video gaming hardware and most importantly selling RTX 30 series.

All Computer Components Available:

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It’s hard to understand, why on earth GameStop taking such a risk to sell GPUs especially those category ones which aren’t available in the market currently because of the shortage of supply.

But now GameStop started selling everything related to computers just name it, Gaming Laptops, monitor, headphones, etc.

The big news came, when GameStop started digital flyer which includes RTX 300 series that shook the gamers out there.

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Another big hope has risen among those gamers who anxiously waiting to grab the latest GPU.

Looking at the gaming week situation, GameStop surrounds itself with PC components such as motherboards, power supply, GPU, and cases as well. Looking at their recent selling chart, GameStop sold several GPUs on the day their sale went on.

It looks like an impossible thing for all the gamers out there to believe, that RTX latest series got back in stock and another retailer offering it.

Supplying such high-end GPUs knowing it’s out of stock in major outlets, people got curious about its condition. Used, refurbished, old ones, etc.

CEO & His Thoughts:

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The GameStop CEO George Sherman said, “The company would expand its product offerings with more PC gaming and consumer electronics in some earnings call.

There’s no word if the new products will be exclusive to Gamestop.com or offered in limited quantities to physical stores.”

He even said regarding this new move diving into PC gaming hardware, “reduce our reliance on the cyclicality of the console-based gaming market.”

When it comes to E-commerce Sherman more said, “GameStop will invest more in its e-commerce,”

“Global e-commerce sales increased 175% and represented 34% of total sales in the fourth quarter versus 12% of net sales in the prior-year period,”

Related to the product catalog, he mentioned “This includes growing our product offerings across PC gaming, computers, monitors, game tables, mobile gaming, and gaming TVs, to name only a few.”

Source: Verge

GameStop made special smart move looking at the current situation of their stock price. Monitoring the demand of the supply, it’s an amazing move to jump into the world of video gaming.

But the drawback for the other countries is that GameStop only shipping products within US other regions still not available.

It’s considered as the huge step for the GameStop to sell such gaming hardware. Even though knowing the shortage of it, they believe in settling in such sort of area.

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