Royal Couple Kate & Prince William Enter In Style At Islamabad Reception!

Royal couple in Pakistan

As of now, the Royal couple has taken Pakistan by storm. The dazzle, the nostalgic royal feels from the time of Lady Diana, the glitz – everything is in sync.

Yes, the Royal couple is in Pakistan and they are having the time of their lives. Pakistanis are adoring Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

The duo is attending a reception hosted by the British High Commissioner Thomas Drew. The event is taking place at the National Monument, Isb.

The entrance of the Royal couple

Alas, upon reaching the venue in Islamabad, the royal couple arrived in a pimped out rikshaw. The rikshaw was covered in truck art.

In addition, driving the rikshaw, was a chauffeur. Prince William is wearing a traditional Sherwani. Kate Middleton is bossing a shiny suit. The Prince’s Sherwani is designed by Naushemian.

Even though Kate’s gown is designed by a foreigner, it has a very Pakistani feel to it. Furthermore, the earrings Princess Kate is wearing are designed by a London brand O’nitaa, sourced from Pakistan.

Moreover, as soon as the Royal couple stepped out of the rikshaw, cameras and paparazzi went ablaze, taking many pictures.

Famous personalities at the event

Additionally, many famous personalities are in attendance at the event. These include DGISPR Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor and Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan from the forces. Wasim Akram and his wife Shaniera Akram are present as well.

Along with others, including Atif Aslam, HSY, Mahira Khan and other celebrities. Tamgha-e-Imtiaz recipient Mehwish Hayat is also in attendance.

Subsequently, organizers have made the National Monument in Islamabad look stunning!

Prince William talks about togetherness

At the event, Prince William is spreading the message of love and peace. A message of togetherness and acceptance. He is also talking about issues such as girls’ education and climate change.

Besides, the Royal couple has made their presence felt and Pakistan is loving their presence.

This visit is sending out a loud and clear message to the world about Pakistan’s importance. Not just in the South Asian region, but in the whole world. One thing is for sure, India is watching all this love for Pakistan from the Royal couple.

Indeed, the prospect that India decided upon, international isolation for Pakistan, is failing miserably. The Royal couple’s visit is proof that Pakistan is held in high regard, just as it was before.

Last but not least, we welcome the Royal couple to stay in our country as long as they wish, considering it their second home.

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