Round of Success – Here’s Why You Need To Run To The Win Game

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“At the age of 18 to 26, you meet many people with confused personalities”.

Most of us are in a never-ending race of life. As soon as the fire of adultness starts, the race of our over-ambitious thoughts begins. At first round, we run with the power of love that feeds us for two-three years and sometimes gives us a jam of reality and toast of lesson. Then after breakfast, we make our mind to run in a second round, “Round of Success”.

I said we make our minds because, most of us just think about it and I mean think of it often and often, several times with some friend or most often, every night just a minute before before sleep. The secret of this second round is that “who runs, always wins”. Hurdles and barriers are placed in such a manner that whoever passes them finds a next easy level.

Source: Rogue Magazine

The path is long and exhausting but at the final stage, we stand up with a closed fist, smiling eyes, back towards that ‘making of mind’ which gives us a standing ovation. Psychologists have correctly said, “when one is truly ready for a thing, it puts in its appearance.

During this period of confusion obsession and possession, players are really enthusiastic about the game but forget the basic rule of the game “It’s a race, not a match” you need to run to win the game.

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