Celebrate Life With Rooh Afza’s Zindagi Mubarak

Rooh Afza Zindagi Mubarak

You remember the taste from your childhood to this day. This is never going out of your mind, the kind that is not only imprinted on your tastebuds but your heart, mind and soul. Rooh Afza, the drink that you cherished as a child and still do wishes you ‘Zindagi Mubarak’.

Rooh Afza’s latest tvc has come about featuring a beautiful and very catchy track this season. High on emotions and disseminating a message of love, joy and harmony, Zindagi Mubarak is the anthem of life. A recipe for happiness.

Often, we see tvcs and videos featuring unrealistic situations but this one track, Zindagi Mubarak, is a reflection of our own, everyday lives. Emotions that touch the heart and situations that resonate with all so well, this song is what you know, what you feel and what you love.

The lyrics of Zindagi Mubarak are simple and just so beautiful that you’ll immediately smile when you listen to the track. Brimming with positivity and love, this is what you want to some cheering up. This is one song that will constantly remind you to cherish the little things in life that contribute to your happiness the most. Zindagi Mubarak is the celebration of life.

Not only the song or the lyrics, you’ll absolutely love the singer, Komail Anam too, who also happens to be an emerging actor and son of famous actor/singer Khaled Anam and Tehmina Khaled, a former lifestyle magazine editor, PR Specialist and Socialite.

Zindagi Mubarak, however, is not just one simple song or a tvc. It is in fact a complete celebration of the brand that Rooh Afza has become all over the world and that is what the tvc imbibes in its core. A message to celebrate life and live it to the fullest with the most enjoyable of tastes that Rooh Afza gathers in itself.

Nostalgic, beautiful and oh so melodious, this is the track that touches your heart and pulls at its strings. It resonates in your mind, making you recall all those beautiful moments that you spend amongst your loved ones, friends, family and those you cherish the most.

The Zindagi Mubarak campaign for Rooh Afza is truly a celebration of life and taste. It portrays how Rooh Afza has become Pakistan’s beloved beverage around the world. It’s a bond that binds together people from all walks of life and all corners of the world, a truly global brand. Building a connection with its audience, strengthening the ties amongst generations and a dominating message of love, joy and kindness, Zindagi Mubarak is beautiful as is.

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