Ronaldo Wrecks Messi With This Insanely Funny Letter!

Hello Leo, 

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health whether it be in jail or at your home in Barcelona. 

I am simply writing to tell you how upset I was at the hearing of your defeat in the final of the Copa America. It really felt horrible to witness your third consecutive defeat in a major final with your national team. I understand that this latest defeat has caused outrage in Argentina about your supreme inability to bring home an international championship to your country.



I can completely understand your situation. . . except for the bringing an international trophy home because if you haven’t heard, Portugal won the Euros! Yes, thank you. It was a fine effort from the lads as they were inspired by my half time speech. So inspired that a failure like Eder managed to score the winning goal.

My injury is really bad in case you were wondering however the cold silver of the Euro 2016 trophy helps to relieve the pain.



I also heard of your retirement from international Football. I was very sorry to see your tears in the copa final and to make you feel better I even cried in the euro 2016 final although my tears were not because I felt like a failure in front of the whole world.

I hope you come back to the National team because Argentina truly needs your talent even though the country is currently blessed with the greatest talent in the world like Aguero, Di Maria and my dear dear friend Higuain. Meanwhile, I have managed to win an international trophy whilst playing on the same team as the 60-year-old Ricardo Carvalho. 


Finally, I wish to end this letter by showing my support to you and using the hashtag #WeAreAllLionelMessi*

Yours truly,

Cristiano Ronaldo

Euro 2016 Champion

Champions League winner

Future Ballon d’Or Winner

Sorry, I would like to take that back as unlike you I pay all my taxes and don’t miss decisive penalty kicks in major international finals.

Source: Tumblr

Note*: This article is completely satirical in nature. Ronaldo didn’t write this.

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