10 Best Restaurants in Karachi to Have a Romantic Night Out with THAT Person

It’s not about going just anywhere when you want to have a good heartfelt time. Whether it’s a special night out with a loved one, an anniversary or reminiscing the past in a place which oozes of love, creating a pleasant environment to enjoy your meal…

Here’s our list of top 10 restaurants in Karachi that are absolutely romantic!



Relatively expensive and designed to appeal to affluent consumers. Has a vintage vibe to it and offers food that is full of flavor! And, if anyone is health conscious, then it is the place to be.

2.  Cocochan


It’s an Asian restaurant, which can satisfy all your pan Asian cravings. It ultimately has the best sushi in town! Woohoo! An upscale and elegant place to make you feel high and mighty.

3. Rosati Bistro

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When it’s said food is everything, food is love, Rosati Bistro is the place which speaks the language of love. It’s the high-class place that has mastered its dishes up to the point.

4. Cafe Flo

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An authentic French cuisine in the city. A hot spot for all the celebrities. Another upscale restaurant which makes you feel like a million bucks up until you lose all that when you look at the menu.

5. Cafe Koel



Unique and innovative, a place that rotates around art and makes art the base of its existence. Bringing you the best of nature through its scrumptious meals and beverages.

6. Cafe Aylanto


Mediterranean cuisine with an upscale and respected atmosphere. It represents spacious locale with the sleek contemporary decor.

7. Pompei


Made up of simple wooden furniture and paneled walls and lots of paintings, the menu is simple and all ingredients are fresh and many are even imported from Dubai. Wow!

8. Kolachi

Spirit of Karachi which is situated at a heartwarming view of Do Darya, the only food street of its own kind. This Restaurant offers delicious food from Asian to Continental.

9. Lale-I Rumi


Turkish restaurant within Pakistan, when you can provide your loved one a 2 in 1 experience, of taking them out of the country for a romantic date. Not really, but why not?

10. Ambrosia


One of the best ambiance. The food, the place, the environment with your loved one would make your night even better! Great place for a dinner date. <3

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