This Couple Is Giving Us Major Goals After Their ‘Romantic’ Quarantine In Hunza

Living in unprecedented times, nobody would have thought that we’d end up where we are today. A pandemic? What’s that? Most of us had never really heard of it. But it’s here, and we have to do our best to fight it, that’s the harsh reality.

One Pakistani couple is taking their quarantine life to the next level. The couple showcases that if you have the right person by your side, you can experience the best feelings, even in the worst scenario.

couple romantic quarantine

Source: instagram

Meet Samreen Essa and her husband, who are spending their quarantine time romantically in the mountains of Hunza, Pakistan. Samreen shared her quarantine journey from Hunza on her Instagram account. The post and pictures garnered a lot of attention, giving other Pakistanis similar ideas to spend their time.

romantic quarantine

Source: instagram

Samreen is pretty famous on Instagram with over 60,000 followers – and her decision of spending quarantine with her husband in Hunza is giving her more followers. The couple has been in the lusciously beautiful valley of Hunza for over 8 days, and every single day is a new adventure.

This is how Samreen and her husband are spending quality time together

While most of us are limited to the comfort of our houses, this beautiful couple is giving us a major couple of goals. The lovebirds have spent uncomparable time together and everyone wants to have what they do (Nazar na Lagay).

What a beautiful couple, with a beautiful way of celebrating each other

From gardening to photography, enjoying the meals together to the fresh air, Samreen and her husband have been camping in Hunza as well. If that isn’t the best quarantine journey, then we honestly don’t know what is.

Where couples have been alleged of fighting and getting divorces during quarantine, this couple (MashaAllah) is giving the world major goals. This is how to do quarantine the right way with the love of your life.

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