‘Acting Is My First Love’ – Romaisa Khan Shares Her Journey From Tiktok To TV

Very few social media sensations get a big breakthrough from their prior platform to TV where the whole nation witness /her talent. Nowadays social media influencers or sensations have joined the hands with the Pakistani entertainment industry and doing some great projects.

Among them, there’s a new face people might see on TV, a girl who became famous by making TikTok videos with million followers, then YouTube channel, and now her debut in the TV industry.

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Romaisa Khan has gained a lot of popularity and fame through her social media platform. That’s the reason in the 2021 PISA awards, she also won the Most Entertaining Instagram Celebrity Award and there her journey to success began.

Most of you might have seen her in Pakistan’s famous YouTuber Ducky Bhai’s videos and she has been linked with so many other YouTubers out there. Many of you might don’t know that Romaisa Khan is the daughter of famous comedian and writer Tanveer Ahmed Khan.

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So now you can imagine her from where she inherited that great sense of humor. She recently sat down to have a zero-filter conversation with the local publication.

In conversation with the most entertaining Instagram celebrity Romaisa Khan

Entering into the world of entertainment, where content creators roam everywhere and make some great content for their audience. And it got increased especially during the pandemic and Romaisa opened up about it. She started her conversation by sharing the story of her great father,

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“My father was a comedy stage artist – a stand-up comedian. He also worked for TV as a writer. He’s done a lot of work in India as well wherein he performed for Comedy Cirus and also wrote skits for it.” And that is why Romaisa feels she had an idea about what she was up to.

Romaisa Khan has always been talented, when she was three years old she started acting and at the age of 14, she began making videos on an app called Dubsmash which was all the craze in the mid-2010.

Right after that, she moved to Musically, and eventually TikTok. But up till now, her account wasn’t public, her friends convinced her to make her account public and then no one could stop her. She was 16 at that time, now she has a fan following of over 2 million on Instagram and over 6 million on TikTok.

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Due to the pandemic cinemas all across the globe being shut down, people have shifted towards the OTT platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, etc. but in Pakistan entertainment industry couldn’t survive properly due to the lack of OTT platforms in our country. Then content creators rose and created some of the best content for the audience.

Romaisa said, “It’s true that Covid helped us in some ways and we got a chance to reach the masses. I hit 1 million on Instagram in 2020 during peak-Covid.”

‘I didn’t expect it’ – Romaisa Khan

On winning PISA Award, Romaisa shared that she wasn’t expecting it at all. She excitedly added: “It was unexpected as I had many big names up against me. But thanks to Allah, I won.”

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It’s a world rule, that success does come with pressure and Romaisa faced it all. She revealed that there were some moments when she didn’t feel like making any videos, but it was the love of her fans throughout that helped her deliver exceptional content again and again.

She explained: “There’s a lot of competition within the world of social media content creation but healthy competition. There are a lot of new content creators coming up with some exceptional work and I try my best to promote them too.”

Romaisa has already started her journey in the drama industry and soon will make a debut. She also featured in John, starring Aashir Wajahat. When an interviewer asked her what medium she prefers, the aspiring actor continued: “Both of them have their perks. Acting is my first love, so I loved filming dramas. But I also enjoy the creative freedom I get from content creation.”

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She then put some light on social media apps, she credits her success to all the social media apps she’s been using and she believes that through such platforms she can connect with her audiences. She also shared her views on banning apps, “community guidelines should be put in place and actively followed instead of entirely banning an application.”

What’s next for Romaisa Khan

The interviewer lastly asked her what was on the cards next for Romaisa? With John coming out, will she be making the switch to mainstream entertainment and letting go of content creation?

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“Evolution takes time, having said that, I feel social media will take over mainstream soon. But that’s just my opinion.

One can already see how our TV stars are switching to social media and vlogging on YouTube, making TikToks – they are adapting themselves accordingly. As for me, I would like to do more movies and dramas, but also improve my content. I also want to make short films one day but I know for sure, that I will never stop making social media content.”

Romaisa Khan has always been in the limelight too, her sizzling dance video went viral and created chaos all over social media.

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