Two Rockets Almost Hit US Embassy In Baghdad’s Green Zone!

Baghdad Green Zone

Looking over to the escalating tensions between Iran and the US, it is gradually moving towards an extremely agonizing stance. With attacks made from both sides, recently, another unfortunate news came in. Late, on Wednesday, two rockets from an unconfirmed site crashed near Iraq’s Green Zone area where foreign embassies are also located.

Baghdad’s Green Zone hit by two small rockets!

Considered to be a high-security enclave, currently, the US is operating several military missions from the Green Zone. Reportedly, this week, two ballistic missiles launched by Iran’s IRGC on two US military bases in Iraq subsequently, didn’t result in any casualties. Well, after the US military bases, two small rockets recently hit the Green Zone of Baghdad, as the sources tell.

Baghdad Green Zone

Anadolu Agency

Fortunately, neither the Iraqi military officials nor any of the officials of the embassies incurred harm from the strikes. According to international media reports, the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad was under attack on Wednesday. Certainly, one of the incoming rockets landed near the US embassy located within, causing no damage to the posted troops.

”Two Katyusha rockets landed inside the Green Zone in Baghdad!”

On the incident, the Iraqi joint military commander elaborated the type of rockets that dropped in the Green Zone. Talking to an American news outlet, the commander stated, ”Two Katyusha rockets landed inside the Green Zone in Baghdad. No reports of casualties”.

Baghdad Green Zone

Sputnik News

Apparently, at the time of the incident, some news correspondents were also present near the Green Zone. Expressing concerns, it was revealed, ”[Correspondents] in Baghdad heard two loud blasts followed by the wailing security sirens of the Green Zone”. Well, the rocket attack took place after about a day when Iran attacked US military facilities operating from Iraq.

Iran’s counter-attack on US military bases!

However, there was a clash in casualties as the media of both countries presents different opinions on the matter. While Iran’s national television kept claiming that its missile attack laid 80 American officials to rest, the US didn’t confirm it. Moreover, the hit was a retaliated response as Iran’s Qassem Soleimani was killed last week on President Donald Trump’s orders.

Baghdad Green Zone


Believed to be the most powerful man in Iran, Qassem Soleimani has played his part against the US, pretty well. Leading from the front, the top Iranian commander sorted several military operations with success. On his assassination, Iranian Leader Khomeini declared a three day mourning period and ordered retaliation, immediately.

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