WATCH: A Vigilant Karachiite Foils A Theft Attempt In His Neighbourhood Like A Hero

karachiite theft attempt hero

Karachiites have now something to brag about other than the lockdown due to coronavirus that makes them feel like prisoners. Due to the lockdown, many people are left unemployed and the criminal activities have taken a toll especially in Karachi. We have recently come across a video where a brave Karachiite foiled a theft attempt like a hero.

 Apparently, two men on a bike tried to steal a side mirror of a luxury car but before he tries to escape the location, a Karachiite came out of his home, caught him, and stopped the theft attempt like a hero. They were beaten and later handed over to the police.

Seems like the man saw the incident through a CCTV camera. The video has been doing rounds on the internet praising the vigilant brave resident.

Robberies in Karachi

As the coronavirus pandemic creates havoc across the country, Karachi initially witnessed a drastic dip in the city’s crime rate. This certainly has come as a surprise for many in the metropolis. However, now as soon as the coronavirus situation is reportedly getting better in the country, the crime rate has increased once again. 

A few days back, another video went viral on social media where robbers first tried to rob the food delivery boy but later on assuaged him as the guy started crying.  The video showcased though there are odds, people still care for human values.

Also, not only people steal money but also as a hobby sometimes and every time it’s not possible to have such brave Karachiites around to stop the theft attempt like a hero. Last month, a 9-year-old boy was caught stealing a car from the Sea View area, Karachi. The police said the boy belonged to Machar Colony. It was also reported the child liked to drive and had stolen a number of motorcycles in the past.

Not only valuables and cash, but we have also witnessed an unusual kind of robberies in Karachi. There are robbers in Karachi that are more into robbing meat and it wouldn’t be wrong to term it as a ‘meaty’ business, for sure.


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