Roads in Karachi Have Started to Deteriorate and It is an Alarming Situation!

Regardless of how important Karachi is, when it comes to taking care of the city, the biggest city of Pakistan can be said to the most neglected one. Due to being in the wrong hands, the city of light suffers a lot in terms of the environment, government structure, and infrastructure.

Each time it rains in Karachi, there is chaos everywhere. There are long traffic queues, there’s water everywhere due to the poor sewage system and to top it all up, there is always a threat of being mugged due to poor security measures in the city. Not to forget how the locals continue tampering the beauty of Karachi’s major tourist attraction, the Sea View beach. All of this is what has made Karachi’s beauty rot.

Karachi witnessed lovely shower of rain yesterday.

A Rainbow was Spotted as well

And a UFO

And As Always, there was Heavy Traffic!

Between this Karachiites shared how this one particular road is now deteriorating, all because of yesterday’s rain.

Facebook page: Gulistan-e-Johar

Situated near the Juhar Sweets, look at the big hole caused in the road.

Gulasten-e-Johar Updates

It is indeed upsetting to see how none of the functioning government bodies in Karachi are doing their role in keeping the city tidy. Here’s to hoping that the government bodies take action and finally do something about these dreading issues in Karachi.

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