Nine Malaysian Cities Under Threat Of Submerging Due To Rising Sea Levels In 2050

9 Malaysian Cities Under Threat Of Getting Submerged In 2050

The climate change that we have been hearing about for a decade was never overstated. It is actually the biggest threat to life on earth in years ahead. And now with the pace that this change is happening it’s about a matter of a few years many cities will be underwater.  Because one of the effects of climate change is the rising of sea levels which is being underestimated.

As serious as this issue is not many countries are paying attention as yet. But some of the countries are looking way ahead of time. One of these countries is Indonesia, the place with sweeping sceneries. It has already announced the relocation of its capital from Jakarta to East Kalimantan since the former will submerge by 2050.

Similarly, Singapore is anticipated to face the same fate. So it is also bracing itself against the foreseen odd one of which is the rise in sea levels. The country is introducing policies for infrastructure. As per these policies, polders will be built alongside the beaches of Singapore.

Malaysian Cities That Will Submerge

All of the countries are going to be affected by the rising sea levels at some point. However, nine Malaysian cities have been identified as being at risk of submersion. Yes, even Malaysia. Do you regret playing a part in climate change now?

Well, an alarming tweet recently posted by the Centre for Governance and Political Studies (Cent-GPS) shows the nine names of Malaysian cities that are at risk of being submerged in the coming 30 years. Horrifying, isn’t it? All the developed cities you see today will be underwater.

Each of the names that you’ll find in the list of these nine is a beautiful city in itself that you have admired for long.

However, the digital stimulation run by the research firm shows how the countries will be affected by the sea levels in the coming years. They carried out this digital simulation through the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) model.

Singapore and Indonesia submersion risks are 30 years away but cities like Alor Setar will turn into an island by 2030. Can you imagine? The life left of that city is just 10 years. Similarly, the surrounding areas Parit Buntar and Taiping will also be underwater around the same time.

Also, the North-South Highway, the one which assists people in routine traveling between Negeri Sembilan and Kuala Lumpur would be submerged too.

Moreover, many other cities of Malaysia with scenic beauty will be underwater as a result of the rising sea levels. These include Bagan Datoh, Kuala Selangor, Port Klang, Muar, Pekan, and Teluk Intan.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport will have a sea view upfront. While Sarawak and Kuching will turn into islands. And a major part of Shah Alam and Kuala Terengganu will be submerged.

Other Parts Of Asia Vulnerable To Submersion

Additionally, not just Malaysia but other parts of Asia are also baring the risk of submersion. According to Cent-GPS, 70% of Asia is prone to get affected by rising sea levels. 19 million Bangalis, 43 million Chinese, 17 million Thailanders, 26 million Vietnamese will have to suffer the consequences of climate change.

Moreover, a published study revealed that entire South Vietnam which also includes its capital city Ho Chi Minh would disappear. The trouble doesn’t here but just gets worse. Even cities like Bangkok, Shanghai, and Mumbai will completely go off the map of the world.

Cent-GPS said, “It would be worse if we are to factor in the melting of the polar caps.”

Furthermore, the researchers warned that following the circumstances a major part of the population would be forced to dislocate. Years of developments and housing projects would wash away. Agricultural lands will be spoilt, and the affected regions would face a major crisis of food. Some countries even today are undergoing poverty because of climate change.

If you are ignorant enough to not take these consequences seriously, then the world is surely about to reach its doom. Because if these major cities are going to be underwater in the coming 30 years then your city isn’t that far from the doom either.

Hence, it’s about time that people come to action to extend the life of this earth. We must start pressurizing the policymakers to ensure a healthier environment. The future is ours and only we can make it better.

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