Pakistanis Share Why They Got Rejected for a Rishta and the Reasons are CRAZY!

In a typical Pakistani society, it has somewhat become mandatory for girls to get engaged/married by the age of 25 and in a guy’s case, you should tie the knot by not more than the age of 30! Warna log kiya kaheingy, beta? This mindset is glued to kids from a very young age. The day they hit puberty, kids are told that you, including others, should have a motive for getting married. In Pakistani culture, we are brought up to be presentable enough to find suitable rishtas.

All Pakistanis, probably after the age of 20, start getting rishtas. With rishtas come rejection too. It’s such a disgrace to our society that if you get rejected for rishtas multiple times, then sorry bachay, you are no more acceptable and you do not conform to our societal norms. We received the same reactions when we asked a few random people about the weirdest reason they got rejected for.

Brace yourself for a good laugh and some pitiful reasons to hear!

1. “Larki k dant bare hain” *Facepalm*


2. “Larki gol moun wali hai aur kad ki choti hai”


I wasn’t rejected… But fiancé ended the engagement and his mom gave this excuse. *sigh*

3. “The girl is too modern….like WTH?”


4. “Istekhara says no” *Faults in our istakharas*


5.”The lady said: Larki billian (cats) paalti hai”

Hillarious gif

6. “For not agreeing on giving dowry”


7. “Larki ko churidar pajama seena nahi ata” *Wut even*


8.”Too Saleeqa Mand”


9. “You can’t make gol roti” *evergreen as always* Gol roti =1, Larki = 0


10. “They came to know I live in Shah Faisal ( Aka Bhai logon ka area)”


Not just girls, but boys too get rejected for very very stupid reasons…

And here’s what they got rejected for…

11. “Larka engineering parh ke media mein producer ki job karta hai! Kharab line hai, canceling engagement”


12. “Uncle: Kya kartay ho?
Me: Musician hun.
Uncle: wo to theek hai, but kartay kya ho ??
UNCLE: 1 , ME: 0”


13. “Didn’t have a car…”


14. “Nokri achi nahi aur ghar rent ka hai”


Tag your friends in the comments below who have more weird reasons to share!!

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