Rishi Kapoor Tried To Mess With Pakistanis But Our Twitter Army Showed Him Who The Boss Really Is!

In the turn of events, who knew Pakistan would reach the final of this year’s Champions Trophy? Not surprisingly though, the entire Twitter India-Pakistan space went berserk as soon as India defeated Bangladesh and made a place in the finals. While India was already the favorites, Pakistan came out of nowhere and surprised everyone.

While these countries are arch rivals for decades, the shared history, and hatred present among the masses is unreal. It makes sense how the locals continue hating one another, but what makes it even more surprising is how the public figures use their social spaces to take digs on the rivals, setting such awful examples.

You won’t be reading this for the first time that one of India’s “senior” most actor Rishi Kapoor, in all immaturity, mocked Pakistan.

He Made This Tweet Last Night When Pakistan Qualified To Finals

But Pakistanis Knew How To Give Shut Up Call

With India Qualifying To The Finals, Rishi Kapoor Started Another Beef

And Again, Pakistanis Gave Him Some Excellent Replies!


Our Local Twitterati Hero Murtaza Ali Gave A Solid Response To Rishi Kapoor To Which The Actor, With His Lameness Intact, Responded

Ufff Uncle Ko Award Dedo Lameness Ka

And Our Boy RTA Took Over!


*Drops mic*


Oh And You Thought Rishi Kapoor Was The Only One? Just Look At Sehwag’s Tweet!

Seeing How Pakistanis Were In His Mentions, The Actor Thought Of Running Away In Yet Another Poor, Immature Manner!

In All Seriousness, THIS!



Banter is one thing, but stooping to the lowest level as a public figure who people follow and preach all over the world is another thing. With the likes of Rishi Kapoor and Virendar Sehwag, such awful tweets ignite hatred, which is something we need to remove from both nations.

Anyway, 18th June 2017 will surely be a huge deal and all hell will break loose. Why? Because Pakistan will (InshaAllah) show who the baap really is!

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