#RIPTwitter Trends Online After Twitter Tests Its New ‘Fleets’ Feature!

#RIPTwitter Fleets Feature

Twitter gets trolled for testing its new feature saying that some of the tweets, from now, will start to disappear after 24 hours of their posting.

twitter new feature

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Twitter Testing Its New Feature!

Twitter officials claim that the new feature called ‘Fleets’ will be similar to what the other apps exercise. Especially, apps like Snapchat and Instagram have a feature which vanishes stories after a duration of 24 hours.

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The company’s lead Kayvon Beykpour sheds light on the matter acknowledging that the new feature is called ‘Fleets’. Moreover, the feature will enable users to put up those tweets, in private, which they feel uncomfortable about when sharing it with the public.

For such users, a social media platform like twitter can be quiet intimidating. He said: “We’re hoping that Fleets can help people share the fleeting thoughts that they would have been unlikely to tweet.

The Wednesday unveiling of the feature also highlighted that when a user clicks his/her profile picture, the vanishing message will appear. Following, others cannot reply, like, or publicly comment on such messages.

Kayvon added that the feature, however, will not be exactly similar to that of Facebook and Instagram. Quoting that it will have ‘few intentional differences’ to its version.

It is known that the feature is currently been tested in Brazil and won’t be launched globally.

twitter new feature

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Trending #RipTwitter!

With twitter busy in testing its newest feature, the users have started bashing the ‘Fleets’ feature on social media platforms, with #RipTwitter. According to certain users, Twitter is already a micro-blogging site. This newly inducted feature would deprive the app of its blogging feature. Subsequently, it would act similarly to other social media sites.

Here are some of the tweets with the #RipTwitter!

Yeah, right!

Twitter, why you do this?

Well, that’s funny!

Oh okay!

Nevertheless, according to the users using #RipTwitter, they are requests surfacing for an edit feature. The users want a feature or an option which would enable them to edit tweets, rather than having an option for disappearing posts and stories.

Let’s wait for the global launch and see what the Twitter officials have in store for us. Apart from increasing the word limit previously, would there be an edit feature on the request of the users, this time? Or the people would just have to live with this new Fleet feature? Fingers crossed!

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