Vibrant Rikshaws Custom Designed For Royal Visit To Pakistan Are Ready!

Royal Visit

Pakistan is all set to host the first visit of the Royal couple Kate Midleton and Prince William. Other royals had also visited Pakistan in the past but this is the first time for the pair.

A few days back, the twitter account of Kensington Palace had revealed the news about this visit.

Preparations for the Royal visit

The date of the Royal visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge was announced to be 2nd October but was later rescheduled to the on 14th October.

So the duo is just a day far from landing in Pakistan and the preparations are on the peak. The locals want the royals to experience Pakistan’s very desi essence.

A video posted by UKinPakistan gave us a little peep into the preps.

Some rickshaws are being painted in the typical desi style, the bright colors, intriguing patterns, peacocks, myriad of designs and whatnot.

Vibrant rikshaws for the Royal welcome

These rickshaws are beautifully decorated and the exclusive royal-visit side to them is that they are painted with flags of Britain and Pakistan side by side at the back of the Rikshaw. Down in the middle of these flags, the painter drew a peacock with flowers around it. They also pasted some stickers on the sides of the rickshaw. What lovely minds!

This video was quite an insight into the way the exterior of these vibrant and artistic rikshaws are painted. It was really unbelievable how these pro painters didn’t even need outlines. These Pakistani rickshaws are pure artistry.

You will see these Rikshaws running on the roads of Islamabad and Lahore and welcoming the royals with the hashtag #RoyalVisitPakistan.

Besides, the good thing about this initiative is that even after the visit these rikshaws can serve as souvenirs. How cool is that, in addition to the Royal welcome.

Prince William is a fan of Pakistani food

Furthermore, we also got to know that Prince William has a thing for Pakistani food when he interacted with the 2017 MasterChef winner, Dr. Saliha Mahmood Ahmed. He shared his experience of spicy food.

“Love[d] spice, but not heat. “Me and heat, not so good,” said Prince William.

On the other hand, clearly, Kate seemed intrigued by the spice, she to William, “It’s so hard cooking curry in the family. The children have a portion with no spice, yours (William’s) is medium, and I quite like it hot.”

Also, we are sure even if William doesn’t enjoy the cuisine the Duchess and her 4-year-old daughter are going to enjoy it as Princess Charlotte said she’s pretty good with the spice too.

Moreover, they will stay in the country for four days and will leave back for their homeland on 18th October. This visit is going to play a major role in mending the image of the country.

Finally, it will also reflect on the strong ties between the UK and Pakistan that date back to the ’60s as shared in the statement.

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