Remember The Viral Rickshaw Driver Everyone Loved? His Daughter From IBA Shares Details Of Their Life!

There’s nothing more than children making their parents proud! Although parenting has become difficult nowadays, there are some parents out there who are setting great examples for other parents. In today’s era, every parent wants their children to become successful in life and become good human beings.

Just recently, we came across a story where a father of six daughters, Amjad, a rickshaw driver residing in Karachi is proudly educating his girls. Amjad’s main source of earning is to give pick and drop services in his rickshaw and his main aim in life is to provide good food and education to his girls.

Here’s what his proud daughter had to say:

“Where ever I am today, it is all because of my father. Whenever people questioned us asking us why are you teaching your girls and girls should not be provided education, my father used to come forward and question them asking, why not? I will educate my daughters.

Watch the full video here:

کراچی کا رکشہ ڈرائیور عزم و ہمت کی مثال، بیٹیوں کو اعلیٰ تعلیم کے زیور سے آراستہ کردیا۔

کراچی کا رکشہ ڈرائیور عزم و ہمت کی مثال، بیٹیوں کو اعلیٰ تعلیم کے زیور سے آراستہ کردیا۔

Posted by DawnNews on Friday, June 21, 2019


Despite facing society’s criticism and taunts, Amjad did not let anything stop him from doing what he wants. Having only daughters, Amjad never felt disappointed and broke all the stereotypes present in our society. It is absolutely hard to believe all the sacrifices that our parents make in the upbringing of their children. It truly requires lots of love and affection raising a single child and imagine Amjad beautifully raising six daughters? Wow. Masha’Allah.

Last but not least, Amjad concluded the interview saying,

“I was not educated and I was worried. I wanted my girls to do something and I wanted my girls to be successful and earn a recognition.”

Parents are the people who always support us no matter what and help us with anything we do. It’s about time we thank our parents and appreciate their sacrifices and efforts. The only way we can pay them back is by making them proud! Very proud.

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