Police Force Rickshaw Driver To Run Their Errands, Impound His Vehicle

rickshaw driver complain police

Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown in Pakistan, life for some people has been quite tormenting. While some of us continue working from the comfort of our homes and earn, the daily wagers are suffering badly. With only 3 to 5 hours to work until lockdown, these people are now on the verge of spreading their hands in order to feed their families.

What’s sad to know is when these people are purposedly crushed by the ones superior to them. Lately today, a video has gone viral over twitter which enumerates an auto-rickshaw driver complaining about the injustice done to him by the local police.

As of now, the COVID-19 pandemic sustains its move in infecting everyone in its path. Currently, the nationwide toll has surpassed the number of 5,500 patients, causing 96 deaths.

Injustice with the auto-driver

Owing to the tweeted video, it highlights the cruel injustice stemming from the hands of those, responsible for serving the citizens of the country. According to the auto-rickshaw driver, three police officers on duty had stopped him, while he was boarding a passenger.

Nevertheless, the police officers asked him to cancel his ride, and take them to lift a package from their desired location. However, upon reaching the location, the police officers forcefully detained his rickshaw with the proposition that he can take it the next day. Following, a day has passed by and auto-driver complains of still not having received his rickshaw.

Most certainly, events like this in such times are quite miserable. At this time, the poverty-stricken are in dire need of our charities. The question nonetheless rises, where will these people go, when law enforcers responsible for taking care of them are exploiting this situation.

Endless suffering for the poor

A few days back, during one of the Ehsaas cash distribution programs in Faisalabad, female police constables were recorded thrashing poor women. They kicked, slapped and misbehaved with women who were there waiting to get the cash through the Ehsaas program. Ironically, one female constable justified her actions to the reporter, saying, “It is for their own benefit.”


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