Richard Dawkin’s Mind-Boggling Views on Taliban After The Peshawar Attack

Richard Dawkins reiterated the relevance of his long standing view that religion is the cause of ‘evil’ by using the recent Peshawar Attack in Pakistan as a pretext.

In his latest tweets, Richard Dawkins made a comparison of some people’s extremist traits to Nazism while attempting to offer explanation for the brutal terrorist attacks in Peshawar.

The renowned terrorist group Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan attacked the School in Peshawar in which 132 children and nine school staff members were brutally killed. The Taliban terrorists, 7 in number, stormed the Army public School wearing the military uniforms and suicide jackets, which launched a never ending shooting spree before few of them bombed themselves.

Dawkins was of the view that that such heinous attacks are caused by the “extreme state of motivation” which connoted extremist faith of Nazism.

The evolutionary biologist also gave same opinion in year 2001 during the time of  9/11 terrorist attacks in New York.


“Revealed faith is not harmless nonsense, it can be lethally dangerous nonsense,” he said.

“Dangerous because it gives people unshakeable confidence in their own righteousness. Dangerous because it gives them false courage to kill themselves, which automatically removes normal barriers to killing others.” He said. “Dangerous because it teaches enmity to others labelled only by a difference of inherited tradition. And dangerous because we have all bought into a weird respect, which uniquely protects religion from normal criticism.”

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