Revival of Pakistani Cinema: Are We Actually Working On It to make it Better?

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Pakistani cinema has evolved tremendously over the last couple of years. People are now rushing towards the cinemas. House fulls, big amounts on the box office but do you think that it lacks something? Yeah, the scripts, the experiments, the different genres to compete with the biggies like Bollywood and Hollywood.

Let’s start from the start of the revival of cinema with Shoaib Mansoor’s Khuda Ke Liye. The film was widely liked by the filmi pandits and critics. The fans also loved it. The different type of storytelling, cast and the message of the film was loved by all. Then followed by another film, Bol, from the same director just turned the tables around. People rushed towards the cinemas. The message of the film and the power packed performances from the actors were highly appreciated.

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Then, Shaan Shahid came back with an action-packed film on Pakistani Army and rocked the cinemas with huge numbers on the box office. After this, some comedy films released which performed really well at the box office and people loved them such as Na Maloom Afraad, Wrong Number, Jawani Phir Nhi Ani and Karachi se Lahore etc. After such films, the directors have stuck into this genre.

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Action films always based on forces like Yalghaar and Maalik on Army, some more films like Operation O21, Geo Sir Utha Ke, Saya e Khuda e Zuljalal, otherwise they only prefer comedies, rom-coms, suspense-coms, drama-comedies etc. Why don’t we try some different genres and scripts? The audience wants to watch something different, something better, something zara hat ke! Here, suggesting some of them.

1. Fiction:

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We can try some fiction films as we have progressed in the field of VFX in previous years. Go for some alien and superhero films, Pakistan lacks some judges and Avengers too. People will love to watch their favorite heroes as powerful heroes.

2. Drama:


Since Bol and some other films, I haven’t seen a single film that touched my soul and brought tears to my eyes. Our moms will love to watch such films that can touch their hearts.

3. Highlight Historic Period:

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Yeah, we have some rich history of our religion and culture as well. While Bollywood is busy making films like Padmavati, why don’t we go for films on Tipu Sultan, Muhammad Bin Qasim or Salahuddin? Our audience needs such films.

4. Sports:

We loved Dangal and Chak de India but have not seen a single film sport after Shah and Main Hoon Shahid Afridi. We are champions of the Champions Trophy, why don’t we make such films?

5. Biopics:

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Ahh! From Nusrat Saab to Afridi, from Gama Pehalwan to Jahangir Khan, we have produced some awesome names in every field. Poets like Faiz and Faraz, artists like Siddiqui, politicians like Bhutto, noble prize winners and Eidi Saab the greatest. People will definitely love to watch stories behind such legends.

6. Folk Tales:

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We are the home to some greatest love stories of the world like Heer Ranjha and Sasi Pano and have made films like Churiyaan, Majajan to tackle the heart buds of the audience.

This list will never end, nor our expectations. But let’s hope for the best. Go Lollywood! Share if you have more ideas to help the Lollywood in this.

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