This Guy Shares the Medical Revelations Made by Science Which the Quran Studied 1400 Years Ago

The Quran and the stories which happened 1400 years ago set a complete example for the followers to preach. The guide, the code of conduct book called the Quran is backed by reasoning shared by the Almighty Allah. 1400 years ago, what Quran shared then is becoming true now, in the eyes of people, because of science and research.

On account of various Muslim and non-Muslim researchers, scientific revelations prove how Quran was right all along on the claims it made in an era where there was no technology or knowledge.

Just recently, science proved how pork is not healthy for consumers. For different reasons, Quran called consumption of pork Haram, adding to how Allah already knew what’s right and wrong for His believers.

While Pork Is Just One Example, This Guy Shared a Number of More We All Need to Know About

He has also added the verses as references for Muslims and non-Muslims to look up.

One of the Reasons Why Quran Tells Children to Respect their Mothers the Most

Quran Backs How the Child Belongs to his or her Father and So Does their Gender Determination and This is Why

And Here’s More!

It Indeed Has

The Hadis and Quran Mention How Certain Sleeping Positions Are To Be Avoided

A Modern Development Said to Be Extremely Important for Technology

Aside from Medical, He Made Some Other Scientific Connections As Well

And Conclusively, Here’s the Fact!

Indeed, Islam and Quran is a complete guide and we must all follow it.

May Allah guide us all to the right path, Ameen!

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