Dear PM, This Retired Teacher & A Mother Needs Help To Get Her Plot Back From Land Grabbers

land grabbers

Taking to Twitter, a retired teacher, and a mother shared the ordeal of how she spent all her savings in order to buy a plot in Multan so she could later sell it and buy a small house. However, a year-and-a-half later, she found that a property dealer had occupied the plot and set up his office. She now asks for justice.

“Dear Mr. Imran Khan! I am a retired teacher. I trained the nation by giving knowledge and awareness with complete honesty for 5 years. My husband was sick and unemployed. But I educated my children in the best institutions,” she begins.

“And a sign of contentment, I bought a canal plot in officers colony Multan from my savings in installments. When the registry was done, I also became the landlord. When I retired, my daughters were working in Islamabad and my son was studying in NUST, so I also came to Islamabad and started living in a rented house.”

‘No one can fathom my anxiety,’ she says

“The hope was to sell the plot and buy a small house. When I went to Multan a year and a half later, I found out that a property dealer had occupied the plot and set up his office. And with my fake signature, the registry is registered. No one can fathom my anxiety.”

She further added, “My pension is very low. Because after 5 years, I retired from the government agency and worked in Divisional Public School (DPS) for 3 years as SS Urdu and there is no pension from there. My son was studying. Thought to file a case but the journey from Multan to Islamabad is very long.”

“After hearing about CM PORTAL and PM PORTAL, I sent applications from Multan Development Authority to the Commissioner. A phone call of consolation came from the police department’s PA and that’s it! Then the case was filed in the court but they are rich and powerful. The man has not yet appeared in court,” Zafar maintained.

“In today’s times, people only believe the liars. None of those who tell the truth are heard. Alhamdulillah, I am not disappointed, I am optimistic like you. That’s why I have created this Twitter account for the children so that I can send my question to you.”

“Maybe there will be a hearing and I will get my right, my house.” Zafar shares her contact number in case any concerned authority intends to help her. Moreover, she tags PM Imran Khan and DC Multan.

Illegal or forcible dispossession of a rightful owner is not anything new in Pakistan. Land grabbers have existed for a surprisingly long, long time. However, a huge pile of such cases remains unchecked. We dearly hope justice is served in this case!

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