This Famous Cafe got a Little too Excited for the Upcoming Year and Completely Lost it!

All of us might have noticed the weird gazes when any of us tries to look for the ingredient or mfg date or expiry date of any product. There are two reasons for that, one maybe because “theek hi hoga” when everyone is buying it. And second, the majority consider themselves as hulks who cant be harmed by these minor mistakes which in reality, can cause death also. Well, being the lovely customers, the manufacturers also don’t bother mentioning the dates sometimes as “itna obvious hai kya zaroorat likhnay ki“. Recently, a famous cafe in Pakistan named “Chaaye Khaana”did a similar mistake.


The manufacturers might have had Deja Vu, hitting them hard as the new year is just around the corner. Or, maybe it’s their way to gain some fame because nowadays. anything on the internet could easily go viral. Seeing all the circulating memes, video and pictures 24/7, anyone could very easily start feeling like 2018 has already started when it has not. Jokes apart, this issue is very sensitive and no one should consider buying any product with any such mistake or should probably inform the concerned department for this mistake to be taken care off for the next time. As an eatery, you would really want people to take you seriously especially when it comes to edible food items.

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