This Pakistani Restaurant Honored Their Labour Staff In The Most Heartwarming Manner

Today marks a very important day for a huge chunk of the world’s population. On May 1, the whole world celebrates Labour Day. A day, that is to remember and remind us of all the trouble our working class goes through every single day and in their honor, an international holiday is celebrated.

Just as anywhere else in the world, Pakistan too celebrates the Labour Day on May 1 every year. The working class is reminded how people acknowledge their work and dedication, but usually, it doesn’t show except a one-off holiday. However, one Pakistani restaurant took an initiative and decided to do something that would actually honor its labour.


The Hot-N-Spicy chain launched a video on Facebook through their official page which showed how a business needs to treat its labour, the one that works around the clock, all over the year. The waiters, workers, managers, delivery boys, cooks and all other staff that works at the restaurant, were made a part of the honorary lunch that Hot-N-Spicy held for them.

In the video, it can clearly be seen that the management took hold of the charge for the day and decided to show their gratitude towards their staff for making the restaurant an overwhelming success that has a lot of franchises. A good and clean set up provided to the staff with a vast range of variety from their own menu, the happiness joy and acceptance could be seen from the labour’s faces.

Honoring their labour liked this, Hot-N-Spicy has won a lot of hearts today. From their own serving staff to everyone who saw, shared and commented on the video. People have appreciated the step the restaurant took in setting a huge example of how their hard work works in our favor.

Let us hope, in the future, best if it is next year, all leading chains, brands, and other such businesses set examples and honor their working staff for the blood, sweat, and tears they put into their work every single day. Let us remember the ‘mazdoor’ tabka this and every other labour day.

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