Resham's Stance on Meesha-Ali Case is Making People Uncomfortable

Resham’s Stance on Meesha-Ali Case is Making People Uncomfortable

The very famous case of Meesha-Ali where Meesha Shafi accused Ali Zafar of harrasing her on multiple occasions. Meesha said that he harrased her not in a cornered or dark room but always in public and crowded place. The last time she was conviced that this is it and she have had enough, was the time when they both were in a jamming session and were booked for a concert!

A lot of people said a lot things from their point when this cased erupted in public. There were two wings on each side, one from Ali’s side who supported him on the basis of their experiences with Ali and others were suppoting Meesha for her bravery! Another one came on the floor to voice her opnion on ther matter but people did not seem to like it.

Resham said in Hamid mir’s show that empowered women do not get harrased!

She has a good reply to her!

Nobody would have believed without the clip!

Resham actually needs to answer to this tweet!

Resham said that if a women is empowered enough she can stop the person or rather she is least likely to get harrased! Because she believes so… Logic is murdered here! Just because it doesn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or never happened. Slow claps!

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