Researchers Prove That Graphene Can Be Used As A Mosquito Repellent!

Researchers at Brown University have conducted experiments to find out that graphene can be used as a mosquito repellent because of its certain properties!



How The Experiment Came Together: 

The hard-working researchers at the university have proved through their consistent experiments that graphene has the ability to repel the horrendous insect known as mosquito. Basically, they took human test subjects and exposed them to mosquitoes (obviously disease-free). The people that were wearing clothing made with graphene oxide didn’t experience mosquito bites. The presence of the film is strong enough to ensure that the insects cannot detect the individual. It acts as a barrier between the human and the mosquito, as it cannot identify its prey.

mosquito repellent

Source: Brown University

One of the researchers mentioned, “With the graphene, the mosquitoes weren’t even landing on the skin patch — they just didn’t seem to care. We had assumed that graphene would be a physical barrier to biting, through puncture resistance, but when we saw these experiments we started to think that it was also a chemical barrier that prevents mosquitoes from sensing that someone is there”



This can serve as an inexpensive and chemical-free method for people to repel mosquitoes. People in Pakistan are used to the wrath that these insects bestow the citizens with. However, it should be understandable that a considerable amount of these mosquitoes can be disease-ridden as well. They are actually the number one reason for resulting in countless deaths within this country. Not to mention, many of the rural areas in Pakistan do not have the necessary knowledge, exposure, and protection from the diseases that mosquitoes ensure. It creates a distressing loop that consists of an increase in the victims yet no one trying to initiate an action for the terrifying issue.

What Is The Future For Such A Discovery?

Even though, it seems like an impressive idea to use graphene as it has been proven to be a repellent. But the effect of graphene decreases when it is comes in contact with water. The human test subjects who were covered with graphene experienced mosquito bites as the material became wet. When graphene was paired with reduced oxygen content (Rgo) then the certain problem didn’t occur. It is still unknown how future companies or organizations will use graphene to make a convenient product. Anyone that would be able to achieve such a goal would definitely cement themselves as masterminds and earn good money. Organizations just need to find the perfect innovative balance and a new future of mosquito repellents is on its way.



What do you think of the situation? Do you think that there is a possibility to develop graphene lined gadgets just to lure mosquitoes away? Is there a possibility to develop this material into a mosquito repellent? Share your thoughts using the links provided below.

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