Researchers Say That Cigarette Smoking Can Increase Depression!

Cigarette Increase Depression

With the advancing world, humans have inherited many unhealthy activities to eliminate stress building elements. Apparently, the most common one is the consumption of tobacco in the form of cigarettes which can easily sabotage the life structure. Well, to create a more evident effect, recently, researchers have revealed that smoking cigarettes can increase depression.

Quit smoking or stay depressed!

Currently, about 20% of the world population consumes cigarettes on a daily basis, most of which are males. Along with the changing times, humans are becoming more prone to getting a severe disease. However, this week, researchers from the University of Bristol have revealed that habitual cigarette smoking can easily increase depression.

“Individuals with mental illness are often overlooked!”

Comprised of a few people, the team at the University of Bristol researched the effect of cigarettes on mental health. Particularly, the lead author Robyn Wootton of the research stated, “Individuals with mental illness are often overlooked in our efforts to reduce smoking prevalence, leading to health inequalities.”

Cigarette Increase Depression

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“Our work shows that we should be making every effort to prevent smoking initiation and encourage smoking cessation because of the consequences to mental health as well as physical health”, he further added. Well, every smoker on earth knows about the consequences of tobacco consumption but the addiction gets way too strong.

Data collected of individuals relating to European ancestry!

Specifically for research purposes, the team collected data from different authentic sources and combined them with results. Accordingly, the information gathering started from the UK Biobank of the individuals belonging to the European line. The data collected consisted of information of about 462,690 European individuals out of which 22% were old smokers while 8% were current.

Cigarette Increase Depression

Later, the research was published in the Psychological Medicine journal to keep people away from depression. Not only depression but cigarette smoking can also develop schizophrenia within. For the research, the team applied an analytical approach. The method used is called ‘Mendelian Randomization’which uses genetic variants related to smoking.

The senior author of the research spilling more beans on the issue!

While elaborating more about the worthy research, the study’s senior author Marcus Munafo also jumped in. He said, “The increasing availability of genetic data in large studies, together with the identification of genetic variants associated with a range of behaviors and health outcomes, is transforming our ability to use techniques such as Mendelian randomization to understand causal pathways.”

Cigarette Increase Depression

University of Bristol

“What this shows is that genetic studies can tell us as much about environmental influences – in this case, the effects of smoking on mental health – as about underlying biology”, Munafo further added. Well, it can be called as a ‘warning sign’ for all the smokers out there and to look more towards the health factor.

However, people who consume tobacco, no matter which form it is in, are completely aware of the consequences. Gradually, the increasing number of depression patients fighting with their ugly addiction is alarming.

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