Renowned Chef Zubaida Tariq Passes Away at the Age of 72

Every other Pakistani is aware of Zubaida Tariq. The cooking expert was known for her presence and won hearts of Pakistanis all over the world. From tootkay to knowing the finest dishes and teaching Pakistani people cooking for years, Zubaida Apa made her place in everyone’s hearts.

The 72-year-old chef passed away tonight in Karachi. The news started circulating on the social media. In a short while, news outlets confirmed that the chef passed away due to heart failure.

According to many users and social figures on the social media, Zubaida Apa had a sudden heart failure, despite being perfect in terms of health.

Pakistanis Are Extremely Upset Over the Loss of Zubaida Apa


Every Pakistani Women Loved her



The sudden demise of Zubaida Apa has indeed surprised everyone.

Rest in peace, Ameen!

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