Remembering Tufail - The Boy Who Was Murdered By Indian Forces In Kashmir

Remembering Tufail – The Boy Who Was Murdered By Indian Forces In Kashmir

Tufail Kashmir

Since the inception of Pakistan, India has been trying to wreak havoc on the land of pure. The apple of discord between the two-nation is Kashmir. To our utter dismay, the Indian side has been brutal to Kashmiris since the beginning of Indian reign. In 2010, Indian forces severely killed multiple Muslims in Kashmir. One of them was Tufail Ahmad Mattoo a 17-year-old student.

In 2010, Indian forces, on 11 June, Indian forces hit a tear gas shell to the innocent boy. The shell struck Tufails’s head. The martyrdom of  Tufail became the casus belli of unrest in Kashmir. Consequently, stone-throwing mobs have started confronting the Indian Army and Police on a daily basis.

The afore-mentioned tweet remembers Tufail on his 10th death anniversary. Tufail would have been a doctor today. Furthermore, Muhammad Faisal, a well-known storyteller, shares details about Tufail in his tweets.

‘After blowing his head into smithereens, his funeral was tear-gassed too’

‘Ten years. I haven’t stopped thinking of Tufail, his father Ashraf and his family’

‘Personally, I think I am still in 2010’

Above all, it was not the first time Indian forces, attacked innocent Kashmiris. Recently, after Indian revoked article 370 and 35A from her constitution, the genocide of innocent Kashmiris began in the Kashmir valley. Although it has been ten years since Indian forces martyred Tufail, he is still alive in many hearts.


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