Remembering Mashal Khan: A Beautiful Song In His Voice From His Classroom

Remembering Mashal Khan: A Beautiful Song In His Voice From His Classroom

On April 13, 2017, Pakistan suffered one of the worst cases of religious bigotry. The result, a young and talented life was lost because of the most touchy topic in Pakistan, which is blasphemy. Young Mashal Khan, a student of Abdul Wali Khan University, was publicly lynched to death by hundreds.

The death of Mashal Khan proved that Pakistan still has a long way to go in countering religious fanaticism without proof. Mashal was accused of blasphemy by his classmates. In the end, all proofs counted, it was known that Mashal was wrongfully murdered in cold blood due to a conspiracy against him by the university administration.


In a video that has gone viral recently, Mashal Khan can be seen singing a beautiful song in his voice from his classroom, the same place Mashal literally owned with his intellect. This was one of the reasons that he had made so many enemies.

Mashal was a Marxist, a socialist, someone who did not believe in the class difference, in rich or poor. He wanted to make a name for himself, he wanted to help others achieve greatness, just so as he wished the same for himself. The young lad had studied in Russia as well as Pakistan, and his ideology/guts were hated by many.

Mashal always spoke for the less fortunate, this was a huge reason that the university administration saw him as a grave threat. In the video, young Mashal wearing a gray shalwar kameez sings a poetic song/kalam in his beautiful voice, which is literally hurting every Pakistani that sees it.

The Joint Investigation Team of Mashal Khan’s murder came out with the decision that the university had incited the mob on false charges of blasphemy against him. Mashal had known many secrets of the administrations, with proof of their mismanagement and corruption. This was the only way the administration would not be involved and also get the thorn out, which in this case, was Mashal himself.

Mashal wanted to be different, but not in a negative way. He wanted to become a part of the Civil Services of Pakistan and help people like his father, people who had suffered due to poverty. However, in a matter of minutes, all of Mashal’s dreams were taken away along with his life.

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