“You Are What You Eat!” – The Relationship Between Halal And Eternal Peace

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We have become so materialistic today that we wouldn’t mind doing anything to earn, we do not mind doing something HARAM.

“O you who believe eat from that which we have provided for you which is pure only eat from that which is pure, which is HALAL, which is permissible and be thankful to ALLAH if you truly worship him”


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On the off chance that what you put in your mouth has an effect on your physical well-being, it unquestionably affects your spiritual well being also. It will influence your EMAAN; it will influence your relationship with ALLAH. ALLAH has instructed us, HE educated us to eat just that which is reasonable, and permissible, as well as pure.

Islam has endorsed an obligation to legally acquire money to every Muslim. Keeping in mind the end goal to accommodate the family, we have to dependably attempt to acquire wealth in the correct way. On the off chance that we need to acquire a living, it is fundamental that we buckle down for it.


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Nowadays, people feel no disgrace and dread and they are acquiring wealth by the means that have been denied by ALLAH. But when people gain money by participating in exercises, for example, interest, gambling, deceiving, corruption, bribery etc they may start to notice that ALLAH has quit showering them with His blessings because money will not bring about any form of happiness if its comes with the anger of ALLAH.

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So if we claim to be true and faithful worshipers, we will make sure we consume only that which is pure and we thank ALLAH, by consuming Halal. Furthermore, if what we acquire by Halal means, is by all accounts too less to satisfy our need, ALLAH will put BARAKAH in it and when ALLAH puts BARAKAH in things, it will come beyond our expectations. ALLAH will give from where we cannot envision, not only in this temporary life but in the hereafter too.

We should not forget that we were not made to last forever. We are not here until the end of time. ALLAH made us and put us here at a particular time for a reason. When we do that, we go home, to an eternal dwelling, it might be JANNAH or HELL, and don’t you think that we are all selling our eternal peace, luxurious life for the sake of temporary comfort? The choice is ours. We’re here to complete what He has asked us to. It’s not about us.

Try not to let your dream of an Everlasting JANNAH trickle down the drain, drop by drop, gradually cutting away at your EMAN.

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