Rehman Malik Thanks UNSG For FATF Relief During COVID-19 Pandemic

Rehman Malik FATF COVID-19

After Senator Rehman Malik’s initial letter to the United Nations Secretary-General over relief from FATF, the body has since responded. The FATF Chief Marshall Billingslea has granted Pakistan a 5-month relief from their FATF obligations.

This in term took place after the recent COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. Senator Rehman Malik had urged for relief and Pakistan’s removal from the FATF grey-list due to the ongoing crisis.

FATF gives Pakistan 5-month relief

With the FATF and UN’s positive response, the seasoned politician thanked the FATF President, along with the UN Chief. However, the only politician who thinks in the interest of Pakistan is not done yet.

Even though a 5-month halt/relief from the FATF has been given to Pakistan, Rehman Malik now tirelessly works to get Pakistan’s name removed from the FATF grey-list completely. Notably, he was the only politician working to bring stranded Pakistani students back from China as well.

Rehman Malik FATF Covid-19

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Here’s what the Senator had written to the UNSG in the context of FATF and COVID-19. “With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing human tragedies, closure of production units, damage to the social fabric, and severe strains on the global supply chains, the threats to Pakistan’s economy have increased manifold.”

The Senator cited how Pakistan did not have enough resources to battle Coronavirus, with external debts looming our heads. While countries like Japan and Germany have allocated relief packages of $1000 billion for their countries, Pakistan merely has $8 billion to work with. That too, with a population double the size of these countries.

Rehman Malik reaches out to FATF President, Pakistan’s rep to UN

Once the news from the FATF came, Senator Rehman Malik wrote another letter to the President thanking him for his kind regard in the matter. Also stating: “I would like to request you to kindly reconsider permanent removal of Pakistan from the Grey List of FATF in wake of Pakistan being a victim of COVID – 19 so that Pakistan can successfully combat the deadly Coronavirus which has been emerged as a major threat to human lives and world economy.”

Rehman Malik FATF COVID-19

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Not only this, but Senator Rehman Malik also recognized the work done by Pakistan’s permanent representative to the UN, Mr. Munir Akram. Moreover, he told Mr. Akram that the 5-month relief given by FATF was not enough and the team needed to continue work for Pakistan’s permanent removal from the FATF grey-list.

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