Sen. Rehman Malik Recalls Coronavirus Spread & How It Could Have Been Tackled

Senator Rehman Malik while speaking in an interview with Din News talked about the global pandemic that is coronavirus (COVID-19). One of Pakistan’s most seasoned think-tanks and an experienced figure of national security, Rehman Malik revealed how things panned out till today, ever since the coronavirus hit.

He started off by telling that pandemics had always occurred, which is why the world got together to set up the Geneva Convention. It was decided there that nobody in the world would be allowed to engineer a virus genetically.

“Is the virus natural or man-made?”

The Senator then added that the 5th Generation Warfare and proxy wars were realities. Countries want to infiltrate each other and things get out of control. “As I’ve mentioned in my terms of reference given to the United Nations, they must decide if the virus is natural or man-made?”

Moreover, the Senator gave tips on fighting the coronavirus in his book ‘Coronavirus a threat to national security’. A few of them include using hot water to get rid of the virus, turmeric with water also good, and the use of black seeds (kelwanji). Just as described by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), two dates with honey will also be effective.

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Senator Rehman Malik added: “With so many lives lost and the world in an economic depression. I feel things will get worse. Trillions of dollars have been lost.”

Early days of the coronavirus in Pakistan

The Senator recalled how in the early days of the virus, CM Balochistan Jam Kamal informed him that the virus was here. He said that the Govt of Balochistan needed funds to tackle the virus.

“I took up his word with some senior officials including the PM, but I was told I was being ‘apprehensive’. Even though I was sure more Pakistanis would return home with coronavirus from abroad. I requested preventive measures at the earliest. One of the best solutions was to give the handling of the virus to the Army Medical Core. That didn’t go through either,” said Rehman Malik.

Sen. Rehman Malik’s full interview with Din News

“I had responsibilities that’s why I worked on coronavirus”

Rehman Malik further recalled how WHO standards made a pandemic threat to national security and how he had to get involved. “I had responsibilities to play as the Senate’s representative to national security,” he added.

“I wrote three letters to different officials for free testing for the poor public of Pakistan. If we charged them Rs. 7000 from the Rs. 12000 we are giving them as aid, how will they get tested?”

Opening lockdown a mistake, but a necessity

Furthermore, Sen, Rehman Malik emphasized that when Pakistan opened the lockdown, people thought everything had returned to normal. They thought the virus had gone, but it was always present.

When asked about what his views regarding ‘herd immunity’ were, Rehman Malik said that yes Pakistanis do have better immunity, but that did not mean we stopped social distancing and went on hugging each other.

In the end, Sen. Rehman Malik concluded by requesting the nation to wear masks, gloves, and practice sanitization as well. Moreover, better than everything,people should stay home. If not for themselves, then for their loved ones.

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