Rehman Malik – Only Politician Raising His Voice For Students Stuck In China

Rehman Malik on coronavirus

The recent Novel Coronavirus pandemic has taken the world by storm. Out of nowhere, the disease has found its way to almost 5 continents. Thus, being registered as a fatal pandemic. With over 3000 deaths across the globe, there is no doubt that it is the biggest health emergency of our times. Today, we discuss how Rehman Malik has played his part in helping bring Pakistani students back from China.

The virus, which initiated by Wuhan, China as its epicenter, saw international citizens storm out of China as soon as it became an epidemic. Similarly, Pakistanis living in China, especially Wuhan, desired coming home as well. However, with the govt’s interests lie elsewhere, the process has not been kept transparent at all.

Initially, dozens of Pakistani students stranded in China due to Coronavirus came out on social media with their pleads. The students requested, begged the govt to facilitate their repatriation. However, since then, the issue has died down completely.

Rehman Malik students in China

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But it is pertinent to note here that thousands of Pakistanis, including students, are still trapped in China. There is a decent number of people stuck in Wuhan as well. With flights halted, to provide them relief, and bring them home, there is only ONE Pakistani politician who is working for the cause.

Just as on so many other issues, the only politician raising his voice for the stranded students in China was Senator Rehman Malik. On January 31st, for the first time, Rehman Malik gave his opinion on the issue. He asked the govt about safeguarding the rights of Pakistani citizens and students in China, bringing them home in time.

Rehman Malik’s plight for students stranded in China

Rehman Malik pointed out that these people can be brought back home through Khunjerab to Gilgit by road. Moreover, he also asked the govt about measures for proper/screening check-ups of students coming home.

Again, on February 12, Rehman Malik reiterated the issue in his tweet.

Five days later, on February 17, Rehman Malik informed me that he was still pursuing the cause. He met the Health Minister & Advisor, trying to find a proper solution for Pakistani students stuck in China due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Senator Rehman Malik even defended the government’s slow action on the issue on social media.

Even Pakistanis knew that no other politician was interested in their discourse. Thus, they too took to social media tagging Senator Rehman Malik, asking for his help.

Continuing his work for the students stranded in China, Rehman Malik did not ignore the issue. In his capacity, being a Senator, he reiterated and urged the government to expedite the process of bringing stranded Pakistanis home.

On February 28th, Rehman Malik informed that all his hard work and the people’s concern were being addressed by the government.

No other politician, being in their personal capacity or being in the government, voiced the issue as much as Senator Rehman Malik. His untiring will and empathy for Pakistanis stranded in China due to Coronavirus should be inked with golden words.

To the Senator, we tip our hats and pray that he continues to work just as he has, for the betterment of Pakistanis worldwide.

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