Senator Rehman Malik Strongly Urges Govt For Total Lockdown To Defeat COVID-19

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Senator Rehman Malik continues to impound his experience during crisis situations. The veteran politician has been voicing his opinions regularly on the COVID-19 outbreak in the world. Rehman Malik has been, for a while, urging the govt to practice farsightedness in this matter.

From the plight of the people to trying and managing affordable tests for patients, Senator Rehman Malik is playing an all-rounder’s role during the crisis. He continues to inform people of what the latest developments are and how to tackle them.

Moreover, the senior PPP leader had been asking the govt to put an all-out curfew with the Army Medical Corps’ help. However, the govt has yet remained averse to the idea. Previously, Malik had urged the govt to bring Pakistani students back home from China.

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Today, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that the govt would not impose a lockdown. Instead, a Corona Relief Tiger Force would be set up in the future. This force will work in areas most affected by the illness.

However, it is pertinent to add here that making this new Corona Tiger Force will take at least 1-2 months. Till then, the virus will continue to sneak its way into our lives. The no lockdown policy will definitely hurt the society with time.

As of now, people are going about there day to day chores and mingling as well. If a curfew was imposed at the right time, this movement could have been limited and expected cases would decrease in number.

Not only this, but Senator Rehman Malik has also been approaching the UNSG to help remove Pakistan’s name from the FATF Grey List. In economic calamities like these, world organizations need to keep a lenient hand on third world countries like Pakistan.

Senator Rehman Malik becomes the public’s voice

After the Prime Minister’s speech, Senator Rehman Malik raised some interesting questions. He asked why the PTI was promoting their political agenda at a time like this. He reiterated the lack of attention being given to COVID-19 tests in the country.

Moreover, the Senator added that the govt will only lockdown the country once his force is ready, which might seem selfish to many. All in all, Senator Rehman Malik has been trying his best to help counter this pandemic, while also keeping the public updated.

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