Oops, He Did it Again! Rehman Malik Shows How Self-Obsession is Done Right

Rehman Malik has been showing his phenomenal abilities of how ‘smart’ he actually is since the past few years. A few of his videos have gone viral and the people can’t stop talking about it. It is something that you just can’t overlook

As a Pakistani Politician and retired bureaucrat, there are a lot of things these politicians are accountable for and the awaam expects a lot of from them. But, let’s not get into that…

Do you remember the time when Rehman Malik forgot Surah Ikhlas while reciting it during a cabinet meeting?


The incident literally left everyone in a shock, and wasn’t Surah Ikhlas the shortest Surah? After 3 attempts, Rehman Malik still failed to recite the complete Surah during the meeting. Extremely shameful.

Furthermore, here’s what Rehman Malik recently did on Twitter – He tweeted about heading to Parachinar to show solidarity and how we have defeated the enemies…

However, here’s something really hilarious that he did after that. He quoted his tweet (above) and retweeted it!

Now, this is called ‘Borderline Narcissism’! LOL.

Funny isn’t it? And, you guys must be very well aware of the savages on Twitter now, right?  Well, so it began!

For Junaid, Rehman’s tweets are no less than precious gems! LOL… Always entertaining!

When you’ve got yourself, why do you need someone else to appreciate you?


We thought this one was the funniest! HAHAHA!

You know how they say, “give yourself a pat on the back”? How about some taaliyan, next time? 😛

Probably Rehman Malik wanted to set an example of love yourself and he sure has shown it to everyone! Or chances are, he might be just thinking out loud. HAHA!

What do you think of Rehman Malik retweeting and quoting his tweet? That too, with a tareef? 😛

Whether or not they’re doing something for our country, but they sure are keeping us well-entertained! Thank you! 😀

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