Reham Khan's Jamming Session Goes Viral

Reham Khan’s Jamming Session Goes Viral

Well, every now and then you see Reham Khan making it to the social media. Despite the hate she gets for bashing Imran Khan, which she does quite often, Reham continues to highlight herself doing a number of different things.

Of course, after being married to Imran Khan, one has to maintain their public image and Reham Khan does it pretty well.

This time, she is the news for nothing political. Let’s just say that the lady is pretty talented. From being a politician to producing Pakistani film Janaan and to hosting Ramadan shows, Reham Khan knows her way around.

And Now She Reveals a Talent Not Many Knew About!

In a video prepping herself for her nephew’s engagement, Reham Khan is seen jamming and singing songs in such harmony.

She looks comfortable and sure as hell seems to be having a lot of fun. More than that, her voice indeed mesmerizes those listening to her.

She jams on various songs, including Dil Say Reh, Zara Zara Mehkta Hai, and Na Kaho.

Given how people often comment on her, Reham Khan was just enjoying herself while working on a talent not many knew about.

Here’s the Link to her Jamming with her Nephew:

Well, safe to say, Reham does everything pretty well and she continues flaunting her talents.

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