Reham Khan Praises Shahbaz Sharif for Crossing a Road in London and Gets Insanely Trolled!

The former wife of PTI Chairman, Reham Khan is not coming short of fame. An autobiography based on Reham Khan’s life, career, marriages, and relations sparked massive controversy after it majorly prompted grave accusations against certain individuals that Reham has had major or minor interactions with.

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That’s not all, Reham is perhaps trying to switch sides and forming ties with arch-rivals of Imran Khan and PTI, the Sharifs. She has endlessly praised the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif in her controversial autobiography. All her recent antics indicate that she has sought the support of PML-(N) and the Sharifs in completing her book. It is also largely speculated that her book is a political manoeuver being played right when the general elections of 2018 are on the brink.

Meanwhile, Shahbaz Sharif, the still prominent member of PML-(N), who is ready to contest in another election was seen crossing a road in London, UK. What’s interesting about him just crossing a road is that he appears to be a normal, unrecognizable citizen, with zero security convoy unlike in Pakistan where he travels behind 45 SUVs.

The unreal scene of Shahbaz Sharif crossing a road like he’s a commoner:

Used to VIP culture in Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif seen crossing the road like a normal citizen in England.

Used to VIP culture in Pakistan, Shahbaz Sharif having difficulty crossing the road like a normal citizen in England.#ARYStories

Posted by ARY Stories on Tuesday, June 19, 2018

That’s one thing. Where Shahbaz is being trolled for being caught in such a display, Reham Khan lends further credence to the matter by doing something outrageously stupid. As you can see, Reham can be pretty vocal about her claims and on she doesn’t hold back her remarks on social media either.

So, here is Reham Khan at her very delusional best perhaps…

And as usual, people left no chance at all at bashing her for such a tweet.

Truth has been spoken!

Seriously, nobody is above the law in that part of the world

Seriously, what did he do for her to take such a turn or what she like this from the beginning?



People are suspecting that Reham has a certain agenda with the Sharifs, which is why she seems to be all praising them for anything that they do. What’s next, a Reham Khan tweet praising Shahbaz Sharif for finishing his lunch?

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