Reham Khan Gets Trolled For “Not Covering Her Head Properly” And It’s Ridiculous!

Reham Khan quote tweeted about her live session of Facebook, which was scheduled a day before yesterday. When she posted the news quoting “440 Volt” people went crazy, over why she’s going live and what’s her purpose. Well, she wrote 440 volts as a disclaimer that something high voltage is coming.

So, when the live session’s new’s broke; people made comments of all sort. One of which said that; “Yeh kaisa duppata leti hain app… sar cover nahi pora.” He pointed out her dressing and it was definitely to get some response.

Jahan pana tusi great ho!

And here she is! She suggested the guy to wear the duppatta his own way if he wishes

Well, everyone offending everyone!!

Wah wah wah!

Ohooo! riwayat gone wrong?!

Umm… *__*

Meri marzi gone too far!

Woah hoo! This is seriously wrong

Well well well!

Who was the teacher here, BTW? Hehe 😀

Great, no? Yeah! Esy he jawab dena chahye

Reham is always in the limelight! Never misses the hit, always upright to reply back. Well, her live show was pretty on point when it came to highlighting how PTI has been monitoring her interviews and threatening anyone who interviews her.

Her dressing now and in the past has always been in the questions of people. Plus, keeping in mind her pseudo-pashtoon roots; she’s not a real pashtoon. She was born and raised in Libya, her parents are Hazara, how is she a pashtoon?!

Well, the question for pashtoon roots is pretty irrelevant, no? Cheers. 😉

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