Pakistanis Have Befitting Replies For Reham Khan Over Comments On The Women Of PTI

Reham Khan is back in the news! This time, a heap of controversial statements has brought her in the scene and she is on a rampage of sheer criticism by people who feel genuinely offended by her comments. Ever since Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan and Reham divorced, the woman is surrounded by controversies after controversies.

Source: Daily Pakistan

Her latest comments were a point-blank shot against PTI’s agenda. Reham Khan accused PTI of hindering the participation of women and representing a true essence of democracy.

This is what Reham had to say…

If your party had any fear of God, girls from respectable families would have been a part of your party.– Reham Khan

She has erupted with comments ever since her divorce with Imran Khan. She just would not stop being in the news with her controversial comments against PTI and their policies.

Source: India Today

“Those who Allah does not guide, how we can guide them? We are here to show that there is no true democracy in any party.

“Have you ever seen any youth next to them on stage? All those women who grace their jalsas, have you seen them reach that position? Young girls and women complain to me that we can’t sit with these people.”

Pakistanis did not remain silent and slammed Reham over her comments

The major ones…

She has hurt the sentiments of many people. She has directly hit a sensitive point that has dragged her in all sorts of defamatory. Her reputation is taking a nose-dive and such comments are not helping in any way.

What do you guys have to say about Reham’s comments?

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