Reham Khan Calls Out Hamza Ali Abbasi And Alleges him of Threatening her!

With the general elections wrapped around the corner, the politics keep getting dirty. Everyone wants a seat at the table – all the parties are gathering their best defenses and we heard a lot of it in the jalsas that took place a few months ago.

With candidates being na-ehl to opposition going neck to neck in playing the dirty game, the political bases are heating up.

Imran Khan standing up from PTI has a lot of supporters in his corner. With the slogan of bringing tabdeeli in our country, locals, especially the youth, find him fit to be their leader. Reham Khan, on the other hand, has something different to say.

A Few Days Ago, Reham Khan Announced that She Is Writing A Book

Given the nature of things between Imran Khan and his ex-wife Reham Khan, one was already expecting Reham Khan to speak against her former husband, the way she usually does on social media.

Fittingly, Reham Khan’s book will be launched some days near the general elections as well, which PTI supporters believe was done on purpose to attack Imran Khan and his campaign. On the other hand, PTI supporters also believe that Reham Khan has ties with PMLN’s candidate Shahbaz Sharif as the hashtag #RehamOnPMLNAgenda was trending on Twitter.

And Finally, Hamza Ali Abbasi Stepped In and Shared his Two Cents on Reham Khan’s Upcoming Book

In a tweet Hamza Ali Abbasi made, he shared how he had an unfortunate experience of reading the manuscript of Reham Khan’s book.

This one tweet created fire on social media and Reham Khan retaliated the entire hashtag by making the following tweet:

Note, the book has not been released yet, so this tweet by Reham Khan makes sense!

She Also Talked About the Social Media Campaign Running Against her

And In a Shocking Revelation, Reham Khan Called Hamza Ali Abbasi A Bully Who Has Been Threatening her

And She Then Attached a Screenshot As Well

Hamza Ali Abbasi has yet to respond to the proof shared by Reham Khan and reveal why he said what he said. Also, a clarification is needed on how could Hamza Ali read the manuscript when it hasn’t been released anywhere.

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