Reham Khan’s Book Just Got Leaked Online and Pakistanis Are Revealing More Disturbing Things from It!

Somebody dropped the bombshell and it’s making a huge, huge impact…

Reham Khan’s infamous autobiography has been leaked online. The highly sought-after book that spanned in top trends for weeks is finally here. Available online to buy, the book already made a massive impact after excerpts from it got hold of social media.

We already know a lot about the content of her book. Her claims against Hamza Ali Abbasi and Imran Khan, especially the one where she went on calling the PTI chairman gay.

Anyway, the controversial book by Reham Khan has been leaked online and people are swaaaaaaaayed

People are going crazy about it. Social media is into a meltdown and everybody is downloading the PDF version of Reham Khan’s book like crazy. The link is being already shared all over social media among people and the damage cannot be repaired now.

Here is what people are saying about the book:

Oh my, God!

People are already planning beforehand to read this highly anticipated book!


This is too good! PTI versus PML-(N)…

Boy, this is so interesting!


Here we have her lawyer, pleading people not to download and share the PDF version of her book but looks nobody wants to listen to him

The controversial book finally arrives and it has rapidly hit the news. It has taken social media by storm and we are just anticipating more to come. Have your say!

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