The Registration Fee For PM Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Has Been Announced!

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

Prime Minister Imran Khan has started a new program known as the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The purpose of the program is to deliver about five million housing units to individuals with lower-income backgrounds. After a decent amount of time, it seems that Pakistan’s government is trying to provide assistance to the struggling population of the country.



Details About The Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Registration:

Considering the sudden rise in prices along with the already difficult circumstances for the poor, this is a generous step forward. The registration fee when applying online for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme program is Rs. 250. Even though, people would have complaints regarding the need to ask money, for online submission, from population belonging to poor households. But it is a general process on NADRA’s website.

The website has all the necessary information regarding the submission, fee process, and other additional details. The fee can easily be paid through any medium and this includes credit card, debit card, NADRA, mobile, etc; multiple options are available.

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme

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The Prime Minister believes that this step is also going to provide benefits to forty industries having links with the construction business. It is still unknown how this entire thing will play out. However, the program is in full action and many are deciding to invest their time within the process.

Not to mention, this actually lessens the criticism towards the other issues the lower-income people in Pakistan face. PM Khan ensures that many housing units will be built with a huge part of them catering to people with financial problems. He said, “18,500 housing units will be built on this site, of which 10,000 will be allocated to people with lower income background.” To further add, “The number of people availing credit from banks for constructing their houses is very limited as mortgage practice is not very common in Pakistan’s banking system,” seems like Khan wishes for “mortgage practice” to see light in Pakistan as well.


What Will This Bring In The Future?

He also gave further insight into the program and its future achievements. The PM added, “The Naya Pakistan Housing Programme will enable government servants and other people to get a house at affordable installments,”

naya pakistan housing scheme

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The project has begun with full action as it will provide housing units all over Pakistan. Khan has said that about two slums in Islamabad are going to be the target for the program. It appears that starting from Islamabad, it will spread across the country to respond to the needs of the entire Pakistani population.

Regardless, many have been unhappy with the decisions of the new Prime Minister. This started after the current government’s idea of placing heavy tax which then created difficulty for people to afford everyday items. Still, Khan wishes to remain strong and create similar programs so that the disruption caused by the previous government can see a change. The question of, “Would this work?” is still looming strong above the heads of Pakistani people.



What do you think of the situation? Do you believe that the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme would be able to benefit the lower-income people of Pakistan or is this another promise? Share your thoughts.


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