At Least 11 Killed In A Fire At Karachi’s Regent Plaza Hotel

There is nothing more depressing than waking up to the news of hearing how individuals were killed and injured due an incident that happened due to lack of safety measures. Earlier today, Karachi’s Regent Plaza Hotel and Convention Center caught fire, killing 11 individuals and 100+ people are injured.

As per the reports, the hotel’s kitchen on the ground floor caught fire, emerging to reach the floors and rooms where guests were staying. On the other hand, Mayor Waseem Akhtar reported that “the hotel has no fire exits.

6 Men And 5 Women Are Dead

Due to the hotel’s lack of focus on safety precautions, there were no fire alarms, no sprinklers and no smoke alarms that could’ve played a vital role in saving lives of people who are now dead.

Here Is The List Of People Who Were Killed And Injured In This Horrific Incident

A Sad News, Indeed

Two Pakistan Cricket Team Players Representing UBL Were Injured

@photonews Twitter

@photonews Twitter

Indeed it is a horrible way to start a new week. May Allah bless the souls of the departed in peace and give speedy recovery to the injured ones, Ameen!





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